Dr. Dan
Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Husband, Father

“Live fully, do what is important to you, show love and compassion, and show your kids the kind of people you want them to become. ”

Dr. Dan is a psychologist, co-founder and Executive Director of Summit Center, and co-founder of Parent Footprint. He is author of the Make Your Worrier a Warrior series of books, providing easy-to follow, practical strategies for both parents and children. Dr. Dan is a frequent speaker and writer on topics related to parenting, family, giftedness, twice-exceptionality, dyslexia, and anxiety. He is host of the Parent Footprint podcast.

Read Dr. Dan’s new blog on Psychology Today, “Managing Worry When There is So Much to Worry About: Pandemic Tools for All Ages.”  Thank you for sharing this important content. We will get through this together. 

Parent Footprint Podcast with Dr. Dan

Parent Footprint PodcastThe Parent Footprint Podcast with Dr. Dan mission is to make the world a better place — one parent and one child at a time. Host Dr. Dan Peters teaches parents, families, and caregivers how to leave their best footprint for the next generation by talking to the top parenting experts, doctors, therapists, authors, and educators. Listeners will learn how to parent with increased awareness and how to be purposeful about leaving a healthy footprint on our children. New shows air twice each month. Listen and subscribe in Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsTuneIn RadioiHeart Radioor Stitcher.
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Parent Footprint

Dr. Dan is Co-founder of Parent Footprint, an interactive parenting education community and website that offers Parent Footprint Awareness Training with the mission to make the world a more compassionate and loving place — one parent and one child at a time. Parent Footprint Awareness Training is a series of short, interactive videos where you sit down with Dr. Dan, your own personal parenting expert, anytime and anywhere you need him. Dr. Dan offers warm, practical advice that parents can use immediately, including specific examples from his own family. Check out our web site at www.parentfootprint.com to experience our introductory video and learn how to become a better parent.

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