My Worry Monster: Eeyore

I was either always constantly either worrying about the past, or was in fear of what may come to pass in the future. What I didn’t realize until the last year or so, is that I was toggling between depression and anxiety. I named my worry monster 4 years ago, and this helped me not only disidentify with the worry and fear, but it also got me to the present moment. In the present moment, everything is already OK. I am constantly getting myself to the present moment, which naturally gets me into my parasympathetic nervous system. When I tap into that calm presence, the fight or flight response no longer exists. I think the worry and fear always had me in the flight or flight response. My worry monster is named Eeyore, and I literally did feel like a rain cloud was constantly over me. I won’t say that feeling is always gone, but it is greatly reduced. When I feel anxious or worried now, I give poor little Eeyore a cracker, then pat him on the head. Then, I get to the present moment, where worry melts away. Your book is wonderful, and the earlier kids learn these techniques, the better.

— Heidi