Bright & Quirky presents “Solutions for Smart but Struggling Students,” a free 5-part online masters series. Dr. Dan Peters is one of the speakers.

This expert series is an answer to the questions from distraught parents about their bright and quirky kids having a hard time at school. Most teachers are not trained in how to work with kids who are very bright and also have learning challenges.

In addition to Dr. Dan Peters, you’ll hear from masters including Susan Baum, PhD, Ross Greene, PhD, Mona Delahooke, PhD, Jonathan Mooney, Debbie Reber, Seth Perler, Joe and Sara Renzulli, PhDs, Sally Reis, PhD, Roberto Olivardia, PhD, William Dodson, PhD, Robin Schader, PhD, Melanie Hayes, PhD, Jacqui Byrne, Rick Olenchak, PhD, Nicole Tetreault, PhD, Dayna Abraham, Maria Kennedy and more.

The series will run for 5 weeks. You will receive one part each week and have 36 hours to view it for free, from Wednesday 10am Pacific time to Thursday 10pm Pacific time . The series begins on September 18, 2019. Paid subscribers can view at anytime.

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