Talentissimo, a consultation and psychology practice specializing in giftedness based in the Netherlands, is presenting a series of webinars this winter. Dr. Dan Peters will speak on “Stealth Dyslexia: Flying Under the Radar.” From the description: Gifted children with learning disabilities are most often missed, and stealth dyslexia is a primary culprit. Due to their advanced thinking and compensatory strategies, gifted students with dyslexia struggle to sound out words, read fluently, spell, and write, despite having advanced knowledge and verbal abilities – while still performing “average.” Unfortunately, these students can only compensate for so long before their academic performance, self-esteem, and emotional functioning deteriorates. Participants will learn how stealth dyslexia presents in gifted children, how to accurately diagnose it, and what to do about it.

The webinar takes place at 8:00 pm Netherlands time (11:00 am Pacific), and will be available for limited access over the weekend. 25.00 incl. VAT. In English. Learn more and register at https://www.talentissimo.nl/product/webinar-verborgen-dyslexie/.